McDonald's Japan hikes prices on rising food costs

Nikkei -- Mar 05
McDonald's Japan will raise prices on menu items for the first time in years as costs rise for ingredients, labor and logistics.

The changes announced Friday affect 13 products ordered in-store -- 20% or so of the menu. Hamburgers will go up to 130 yen ($1.12) from 110 yen.

McDonald's Japan last embarked on wide-ranging hikes in 2013. It raised the price of a hamburger to 120 yen from 100 yen, only to lower it back to 100 yen in 2014.

Prices went up in April 2019 for three menu items, including double cheeseburgers. Hamburgers rose to 110 yen that October to reflect the consumption tax hike. ...continue reading

マクドナルドが店頭の約2割の商品を値上げします。  日本マクドナルドは「ハンバーガー」や「てりやきマックバーガー」「チキンマックナゲット」など、店頭で販売する商品の約2割にあたる15品目を10円から20円、値上げすると発表しました。 - ANNnewsCH