Honda's humanoid robot Asimo bids farewell

人型ロボ「アシモ」引退 ホンダ本社で最後の実演

NHK -- Mar 31
Humanoid robot Asimo, developed by Japanese automaker Honda Motor, has bid farewell in the last of its regular shows in Tokyo. Honda ended the Asimo project.

In the final show on Thursday at the automaker's Tokyo head office, the robot demonstrated dances, soccer ball kicks and other skills in front of its fans.

Members of the audience applauded Asimo's feats and took photos.

An elementary schoolboy said he likes Asimo running and singing and being gentle. He said he feels a bit sad, and would be happy if he could meet Asimo again.

Honda unveiled the first model of Asimo in 2000. The humanoid can walk on two feet.

Since then, Honda developed seven generations of the robot. ...continue reading

ホンダが開発した人型ロボットで、歩行やダンスなどを披露してきた「ASIMO(アシモ)」が31日、引退した。東京・南青山の本社ショールームで開いた最後の実演を終えると、詰め掛けた約100人の観客を前に「ホンダのロボティクス研究はまだまだ続きます。これからも応援してください」と身ぶり手ぶりを交えて別れを告げた。 - KyodoNews