Japan's LDP proposes limiting veto power of UNSC permanent members

NHK -- Apr 14
Japan's major ruling party is seeking to restrict the veto power of UN Security Council permanent members, following Russia's use of it in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine.

The Liberal Democratic Party is set to submit its proposals to Prime Minister Kishida Fumio on Thursday.

LDP lawmakers questioned Russia's right to veto a resolution calling for the withdrawal of its troops from Ukraine. They noted that Russia launched the assault on Ukraine even though it is a permanent member state of the UNSC.

They said this underscores the need to reform the United Nations, since the international body is evidently not functioning as intended.

The lawmakers want Japan to work closely with Germany, Brazil and India to increase the number of seats on the council. The four countries have for years sought permanent membership.

The proposals also call for removing from the UN Charter provisions referring to countries like Japan and Germany as enemy states because of their defeat in World War Two.