Japan's government releases video to help eradicate harassment from politics


Japan Times -- Apr 15
Aiming to address the problem of harassment in the political arena, the government has released a video with short scenes based on real cases of harassment of lawmakers, with a particular focus on younger politicians.

The video, based on 1,324 stories shared by local lawmakers from across Japan who have experienced some sort of harassment by their constituents or senior lawmakers, was uploaded by the Cabinet Office to its YouTube channel on Tuesday.

The 30-minute video introduces various examples of harassment by fellow lawmakers. One case is of gendered harassment, with a lawmaker demeaned based on traditional gender roles in which women are expected to only work in a supportive capacity. In the video, a veteran lawmaker asks a younger female colleague to serve tea at assembly meetings. The man also comments that young women get votes for their looks but suggests they don’t have the ability to participate in politics.

Some politicians apparently also face harassment from constituents. One example in the video shows a younger female candidate being approached by an elderly man who not only excessively invades the woman’s personal space by hugging her and touching her shoulders and back, but also tries to acquire her phone number. The woman later explains the experience was traumatizing and has affected her work. ...continue reading

政策・方針決定過程への女性の参画拡大は、社会に多様性と活力をもたらし、あらゆる人が暮らしやすい社会の実現のために極めて重要です。政治分野におけるハラスメントの防止のための取組は、政治分野の男女共同参画を進める上で喫緊の課題となっています。 政治分野における男女共同参画を推進するための取組の一環として、政治分野におけるハラスメントの防止のための研修教材を公表しました。 本教材は、全国の地方議会議員から実際のハラスメント事例を収集し、その際に寄せられた1,324件の事例を基に作成しています。 - 内閣府男女共同参画局公式YouTube