Japan expels Russian officials to pressure Moscow

ロシア外交官ら8人が羽田空港を出発 国外退去要請を受け

NHK -- Apr 20
Eight Russian officials have left Japan following Tokyo's decision to expel them on April 8. It is rare for Japan to expel multiple foreign officials.

The move was made to put more pressure on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.

The officials, and their families, traveled from the Russian embassy to Tokyo's Haneda airport this morning. Their flight took off shortly after noon, local time.

Sources say some of the eight people are believed to work for the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate, known as GRU, or the Foreign Intelligence Service, known as SVR.

They say some of them have been identified by police authorities as persons of interest.

They were allegedly involved in espionage activities, while assigned to Russian diplomatic and trade offices in Japan.

ロシア軍によるウクライナ侵攻を受けて日本政府が国外退去を求めていたロシア大使館の外交官ら8人が、20日午後12時15分すぎに日本を出発しました。  日本政府は今月8日、ロシアのガルージン駐日大使に対し、駐日ロシア大使館の外交官とロシア通商代表部の職員、合わせて8人の国外退去を求めました。  20日午後、8人とその家族ら関係者がロシア側が用意した飛行機に乗り込み、羽田空港から出発しました。 - ANNnewsCH