Tokyo eases some COVID dining restrictions but extends alert

都 感染対策呼びかけ リバウンド警戒期間の延長決定

NHK -- Apr 22
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has decided to ease its requested limit on the number of people permitted at each table in some bars and restaurants, while continuing to call on the public to stay vigilant against the spread of the coronavirus.

The decision was made by a panel of experts and Tokyo Metropolitan Government officials who met on Thursday to assess infections in the capital.

Tokyo will extend its coronavirus alert until May 22, to prevent a rebound in cases and avoid a strain on the healthcare system.

The panel expressed concerns about expected high activity in the capital during a string of upcoming holidays from late April through early May.

Despite these concerns, the government will double the capacity in bars and restaurants which are certified as taking anti-virus measures. The number of customers allowed per table will rise to eight from the current four, and they will be permitted to stay for up to two hours.

These requests will not apply to customers who can show they have recently tested negative for the virus.

Uncertified establishments will be asked to continue limiting groups to four people for two-hour stays. They will also be asked to stop serving alcohol by 9:00 p.m.

Tokyo officials will call on residents to avoid crowded places and take precautions when traveling across prefectural borders. They also encourage residents to receive a third dose of the vaccine before the holidays.

Tokyo Governor Koike Yuriko expressed her determination to avoid a resurgence of infections by following anti-infection measures, while accelerating the booster vaccine rollout.

東京都は21日、新型コロナの『リバウンド警戒期間』を延長することを決め、引き続き感染防止対策の徹底を呼び掛けました。  東京都は『リバウンド警戒期間』を24日までとしていましたが、ゴールデンウィークを前に来月22日までおよそ1カ月延長することを決めました。  また、人の移動が増えるゴールデンウィークまでに若い世代のワクチンの接種をさらに進める必要性があるとしています。 - ANNnewsCH