Japan, Russia reach agreement on annual salmon fishing talks

日ロのサケ・マス漁交渉妥結 来月初旬に操業開始

NHK -- Apr 23
Japanese fishers are gearing up for the annual salmon season in the northern Pacific Ocean. They'll be setting off later than usual, due to delays in fishery talks amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Drift-net fishing for salmon and trout traditionally begins on April 10 in Japan's exclusive economic zone off its northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido.

Ahead of the season each year, Japanese and Russian government officials meet to discuss operational details. The latest talks were delayed until April 11.

Japan has agreed to pay an annual cooperation fee to Russia of 1.6 million to 2.3 million dollars, depending on the catch. This is because most of the salmon and trout caught in the ocean originate in Russian rivers.

The minimum fee this year has been lowered by about 500,000 dollars amid declining catches in recent years.

The quota for this year will be set at 2,050 tons, the same as last year.

This year's talks are being seen as unusual, as countries including Japan have been imposing sanctions on Russia.

水産庁はサケ・マスの漁獲量などを巡る日本とロシアとの漁業交渉が妥結したと発表しました。日本側の操業開始は来月初旬になる見通しです。  水産庁によりますと、日本の排他的経済水域で行われるサケ・マスの流し網漁の日本漁船の操業条件は、漁獲量がサケ・マス合わせて例年並みの2050トンに決まりました。  ロシアに支払う漁業協力費は最低額が去年より6000万円引き下げられ、2億円から3億円余りの範囲で漁獲高に応じて決めます。 - ANNnewsCH