Tokyo protests over Russia's expulsion of Japanese diplomats


Kyodo -- Apr 28
Tokyo has lodged a protest with Moscow over its decision to expel eight Japanese diplomats, the top government spokesman said Thursday, arguing Russia is fully responsible for the deterioration of bilateral relations.

"We absolutely cannot accept Russia issuing the notice," said Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno at a regular news conference a day after Moscow's announcement, viewed as retaliation for Tokyo's earlier expulsion of Russian diplomats. ...continue reading

Apr 28 (テレ東BIZ) - ロシアのウクライナ侵攻が続く中、ロシア外務省は27日、モスクワに駐在する日本大使館の外交官ら8人を追放することを発表しました。 ロシア外務省は27日、モスクワに駐在する日本大使館の外交官ら8人について、来月10日までに国外に退去するよう日本大使館側に求めたと発表しました。

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