Vietnamese woman dies on street in Tokyo

口の中に“おしぼり”...女性死亡 ベトナム人か 上野近くの歓楽街

NHK -- May 02
Japanese police say a young woman has died after being found on a street in Tokyo. Investigation sources say she is believed to be a Vietnamese national.

The police are looking into the incident as a possible criminal case. They say a hand towel was stuffed in the woman's mouth.

Police say someone called an ambulance at around 2:30 a.m. on Monday, saying that a woman was lying on a street in Bunkyo Ward.

Police officers rushed to the scene to find a woman lying unconscious on her back. They say she appeared to be in her 20s.

She was taken to a hospital and died shortly after.

Investigation sources say her belongings suggest she is a Vietnamese national.

The police say they are looking into the circumstances that led to her death. They say they are interviewing a Vietnamese person who was near the scene.

The site was in an alley close to the Yushima subway station. The area has many restaurants and hotels.

東京・上野近くの路上で、口におしぼりのような布が詰められたベトナム人とみられる女性が死亡し、警視庁は、事件の可能性もあるとみて捜査している。 2日午前2時半すぎ、文京区湯島で、20代くらいの女性が路上に倒れていて、搬送先の病院で死亡した。 女性は、持っていた在留カードなどからベトナム人とみられ、口の中には、おしぼりのような布が詰められていた。 - FNNプライムオンライン