Police officer driving patrol car arrested over fatal accident in Sapporo

「前方をよく見ていなかった」 歩行者がパトカーにはねられ死亡 運転していた61歳の警部補を現行犯逮捕 札幌市

Japan Today -- May 03
Hokkaido Prefectural Police have arrested a 61-year-old assistant police inspector on suspicion of dangerous driving resulting in death after the patrol car he was driving hit and killed a pedestrian on Sunday.

The incident occurred around 8:10 p.m. on a street in Sapporo Shiroishi Ward, Kyodo New reported. Noriyuki Kodate, an inspector in the police department’s Community Affairs Division, was arrested at the scene. There was no crossing at the site of the accident. Police quoted Kodate as saying, “I wasn’t looking ahead carefully.”

A witness said the victim appeared to be hunched over on the street just before the accident. He was rushed to hospital, suffering from severe head injuries, but died last Sunday.

Before the accident occurred, Kodate and another police officer was responding to a noise complaint in Shiroishi Ward, Sapporo City. The patrol car's red light was flashing but its siren was not on at the time of the accident.

札幌市でパトカーを運転中に歩行者をはねたとして、北海道警の61歳の警部補が現行犯逮捕されました。 逮捕されたのは、札幌白石警察署地域課の警部補・小舘紀幸容疑者です。小舘警部補は1日午後8時すぎ、札幌市白石区の市道で、歩行者の男性をはねて死亡させた疑いが持たれています。はねられた男性は片側2車線の道路の真ん中付近で路上にうずくまっていたということです。 男性は病院に運ばれましたが、頭を強く打っていて病院で死亡しました。身元がわかるものは持っていなかったということです。 - TBS NEWS