Japanese Supreme Court chief justice vows to promote digital reform

Japan Times -- May 04
Japan will promote digital reform of civil judicial procedures in a way that will broadly benefit the population, including those not used to information technology devices, Supreme Court Chief Justice Naoto Otani has said.

Otani made the remark at the time when the country’s parliament is expected to enact a bill shortly to entirely digitalize court administration for civil trials, from suit-filing to judgment.

“Promoting digital reform will be an opportunity to greatly change the way courts are operated. It’s important to consider the matter in line with the needs of users,” Otani told reporters ahead of Constitution Memorial Day on Tuesday.

“We’ll work to make judicial procedures more user-friendly while turning our eyes to the reality of society and digital technology trends,” the chief justice said.

Otani also discussed the revised juvenile law, which was put into force last month and lowered the minimum age eligible for serving as lay judge from 20 to 18.