Japan premier Kishida pledges to relax border controls by next month

岸田総理 6月にも水際対策緩和の考え表明

straitstimes.com -- May 06
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said he would loosen Japan's virus-related border controls in line with other wealthy democracies next month, as he sought to boost consumer spending to fight an economic slowdown.

Mr Kishida credited the border controls with helping the country weather the pandemic relatively well, even as he announced their relaxation on Thursday (May 6) in a speech in London.

The premier told an audience at Guildhall that Japan would be as accessible as other Group of Seven countries by next month, when leaders of the bloc are due to meet in Germany.

"We will further relax controls, so that in June it will be possible to enter the country as smoothly as other G-7 nations," said Mr Kishida, who was on the last leg of a tour that also took him to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Italy.

In a later press conference, he added a note of caution, saying that the changes would be implemented in stages, based on the advice of experts. More broadly, Mr Kishida pledged to pursue policies that fuel strong economic growth, in remarks that appeared aimed at easing investor concern about his "New Capitalism" plans.

"I will continue to listen carefully to the markets, to those on the ground, and press ahead with policies," he said.

He said he would encourage citizens to switch to investment from savings, significantly expanding the Nippon Individual Savings Account system and adding other policies with the aim of doubling income from assets.

岸田総理大臣は、来月にはさらに水際対策を緩和していく考えを示しました。  岸田総理大臣:「世界的に見ても日本のコロナ対応は成功しています。6月には他のG7(主要7カ国)諸国並みに円滑な入国が可能となるよう、水際対策をさらに緩和していきます」  岸田総理は訪問先のイギリスの金融街で演説しました。  政権肝煎り(きもいり)の経済政策である「新しい資本主義」を説明するなど、外国からの投資も呼び掛けました。 - ANNnewsCH