Putin warned over 'barbaric' invasion as UK and Japan reach historic agreement on trade

5日に日英首脳会談 対ロシア制裁などで議論へ

express.co.uk -- May 06
Boris Johnson has agreed to deepen defence and trade links with Japan following diplomatic talks with the country's premier in Downing Street.

The Prime Minister welcomed Fumio Kishida to Number 10 on the Japanese leader’s first visit to London since taking office. They agreed a reciprocal access agreement that will lead to close military cooperation including joint exercises in the Indo-Pacific region.

Mr Johnson said allies in Europe and east Asia had to be unified in the face of “autocratic, coercive powers”.

He was understood to be referring to Russia, China and North Korea.

Mr Johnson said the world has observed the “strong stance” the Japanese government has taken “against the Russian aggression in Ukraine”.

He added: “We in the UK recognise that our security in Europe is indivisible from the security, our collective security, in the Asia-Pacific, in the Indo-Pacific region.

Mr Kishida’s visit was marked with a guard of honour and an RAF flypast over Horse Guards Parade in central London.

Before holding talks in No 10 on Thursday, the two leaders stood on a dais as they witnessed a Voyager and two Typhoon fighter jets soar over St James’ Park and the parade ground.

Mr Kishida was then invited in Japanese by the captain of the Nijmegen Company, Grenadier Guards, to inspect the troops. ...continue reading

May 06 (ANNnewsCH) - ヨーロッパを訪問中の岸田総理大臣は日本時間の5日夜、イギリスのジョンソン首相と首脳会談を行い、ウクライナに侵攻するロシアへの制裁などについて議論する見通しです。  イギリスの首相官邸は、経済制裁などロシアに対する国際的な圧力の方法やウクライナへの支援について議論される見通しだと明らかにしました。  岸田総理も、これまで歴訪したアジア各国のロシアとの距離感について説明し、今後の対応を協議する考えです。  また、会談では「自由で開かれたインド太平洋」の実現に向け、自衛隊とイギリス軍がそれぞれの国で合同演習などをする際に法的手続きを簡単にする「日英円滑化協定」の締結に合意する見通しです。

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