Panda in Japan gets Mother's Day gifts

母パンダ良浜にプレゼント 和歌山県のレジャー施設

NHK -- May 09
A giant panda has received Mother's Day gifts at a theme park in Wakayama Prefecture, western Japan.

The mother of 10 was busy raising her youngest cub, Fuhin, until April.

On Sunday, the staff at Adventure World in Shirahama Town arranged pieces of bamboo to create the message, "Thank you, always." They also prepared a bouquet of carnation-shaped carrots and bamboo shoots, Rauhin's favorite.

Panda keeper Shintani Kimiyo said they wanted to show their gratitude to Rauhin for raising her cubs and they were happy she liked the presents.

May 09 (Kyodo) - 和歌山県白浜町のレジャー施設「アドベンチャーワールド」は母の日の8日、10頭の子を産んでいる母親パンダ「良浜」に日頃の感謝を込めて、カーネーションの花形に飾り切りしたニンジンなどの大好物が詰まったブーケを贈った。

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