Why Japanese workers remain dissatisfied with their jobs

Nikkei -- May 12
Ayako Koizumi recently sent a message to her colleagues in the product development section at Japan Tobacco to thank them for the preparation of a training program for new employees.

Last year, the section introduced a program to exchange thank-you messages between its members.

Companies adopting programs to improve employees' job satisfaction are increasing in Japan. JT has created opportunities for workers to talk with one another about values they place on work or life and enabled superiors to give awards to projects based on their subordinates' recommendations. Dai-ichi Life Research Institute scores workers' job satisfaction on a regular basis to vitalize its organization.

However, in general, job satisfaction remains low among workers in Japan. A survey shows less than 60% of workers feel passionate about their jobs and are eager to contribute to their organization.

Since the government in 2016 began advocating what it calls "work style" reforms, Japanese companies have improved in terms of "friendliness to workers." This includes not making them work so many overtime hours. ...continue reading