Body possibly of woman from sunken tour boat found on disputed isle

国後島で女性遺体発見 ロシアから連絡 沈没事故との関係調べる 1管本部

Japan Today -- May 13
The body of a woman who may be one of the missing people from a tourist boat that sank off Hokkaido has been found washed ashore on Kunashiri Island, one of four Russia-controlled, Japan-claimed islands, the Japan Coast Guard said Friday.

The body was found May 6, according to the information provided Tuesday by Russian authorities, the coast guard said. Twelve passengers remain unaccounted for, with none found since April 28, five days after the boat went missing. Fourteen people have been confirmed dead.

The body, which had no personal belongings that could lead to identification, was taken to a hospital on the island, according to the coast guard.

The 19-ton Kazu I was carrying 24 passengers and two crew members when it went missing on April 23 after leaving port in Shari, Hokkaido, for a cruise along the Shiretoko Peninsula, despite a bad-weather warning. The vessel was found on the seabed off Hokkaido on April 29.

北方領土の国後島で女性の遺体が今月6日に見つかっていたことが分かりました。第一管区海上保安本部は知床半島沖の観光船沈没事故の行方不明者との関連を調べています。  一管本部によりますと、今月6日に北方領土の国後島の西岸で女性の遺体が見つかったとロシア側から10日に連絡がありました。  遺体は古釜布の病院に移送されていて、国籍は分かっておらず、また身元につながる所持品もないということです。  一管本部は知床半島沖の観光船沈没事故の行方不明者との関連を調べています。 - ANNnewsCH