Ukraine star Karol in Japan, says her country will rebuild

「私の武器は言葉と音楽」ウクライナ国民的歌手が来日 世界に支援訴え -- May 17
Singer Tina Karol said on Monday from Japan that she and her fellow Ukrainians will not give up defending their land and culture from Russian invasion and are determined to win the war and rebuild an even more beautiful country.

“My weapon is language and music,” Karol said in Tokyo as she concluded a weeklong visit to rally support for Ukraine. “My words are strong and my music moves emotions.”

“The biggest tragedy today is the deaths of children. The children had to close their short lives ... For those children, a lullaby is not going to be sung,” she said and sang a passage of a Ukrainian song during the news conference.

Karol came to Japan at the invitation of Rakuten Group founder and CEO Hiroshi Mikitani, who first met her during his 2019 business trip to Ukraine.

May 17 (ANNnewsCH) - ロシアによる軍事侵攻が続くウクライナから、人道危機を訴えるため来日した国民的歌手、チーナ・カーロリさんが会見し、音楽を通して世界にウクライナ支援を訴えていくと語りました。 ...continue reading

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