No chicken, no salami: Japanese eatery pulls items on shortages

サイゼリヤ 一部肉類のメニューを販売終了 材料が手に入らず

Nikkei -- May 17
Saizeriya, a Japan-based chain of family-style Italian restaurants, has discontinued certain dishes over supply chain disruptions abroad and is turning to domestic procurement of certain ingredients.

Grilled chicken with cheese and tomato sauce, an entree priced at 500 yen ($3.87), is no longer available because of supply challenges due to a labor shortage in Thailand -- the source of the main ingredient. A 300 yen appetizer featuring salami from Milano was also taken off the menu at all locations after Japan suspended imports of pork and cured meats from Italy following an outbreak of African swine fever.

Saizeriya, which took these steps in April, is also expected to discontinue prosciutto from Parma when its stock runs out.

May 17 (TBS NEWS) - 外食チェーン大手の「サイゼリヤ」が4月から全店で一部肉類のメニューの販売を終了していることがわかりました。新型コロナウイルスの影響などで材料の調達が難しくなったことが原因です。 サイゼリヤによりますと、4月の中旬から提供を終えたのは、タイ産鶏肉を使う「柔らかチキンのチーズ焼き」(500円)です。 ...continue reading

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