Police arrest man who says he spent 46.3 million yen mistakenly sent to him

急転直下、刑事事件に・・・4630万円誤送金 24歳男逮捕

NHK -- May 19
Police in western Japan have arrested a 24-year-old man who has been refusing to return 46.3 million yen, or about 360,000 dollars, the town he lives in mistakenly sent him.

Yamaguchi prefectural police arrested Taguchi Sho on suspicion of computer fraud late on Wednesday.

Abu Town officials last month accidentally had the money wired to his bank account. The money was a state cash allowance for families facing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic. The town was supposed to pay about 780 dollars to each of 463 households.

Taguchi's lawyer on Tuesday disclosed that his client spent all the money at an online casino.

The police say the suspect has admitted to the charge.

May 19 (ANNnewsCH) - 18日夜、電子計算機使用詐欺の疑いで逮捕された、田口翔容疑者(24)。  田口容疑者は先月、山口県阿武町から振り込まれた4630万円が、誤って送金されたものと知りながら、自分の金と装い、スマートフォンを使って、別の口座に400万円を振り替えた疑いが持たれています。 ...continue reading

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