13 women awarded damages over Japan exam discrimination

医学部不正入試で順天堂大学に賠償命令 元受験女性に「不合理な差別的扱い」東京地裁判決

BBC -- May 20
A medical school in Japan has been ordered to pay compensation to 13 women for discriminating against them in entrance exams.

Juntendo University in Tokyo set stricter requirements for female students because it said women had better communication skills than men and had an advantage in interviews.

The judge ruled the requirements were discriminatory, local media report.

It is believed to be the first ruling of its kind in Japan.

It comes after a government investigation was launched in 2018 after another institution, Tokyo Medical University, was found to have tampered with the scores of female applicants from as early as 2006.

The investigation found that a number of Japanese medical schools had manipulated admissions, in part to exclude female students. ...continue reading

May 20 (テレ東BIZ) - 順天堂大学の医学部入試で、女性の合格基準が男性より高く設定され 「差別的扱いを受けた」として元受験生の女性13人が損害賠償を求めた裁判で、 東京地裁は大学に賠償を命じました。 ...continue reading

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