Biden pays visit to Emperor Naruhito

天皇陛下 バイデン大統領と皇居で面会

NHK -- May 23
US President Joe Biden visited the Imperial Palace to meet Emperor Naruhito on Monday morning.

It was the first meeting of its kind since 2019, when the Emperor met former President Donald Trump.

Japanese officials said Biden told the Emperor during the 30-minute meeting that the US and Japan have maintained deep ties, and that Japan is the US's most important partner in the Asia-Pacific region.

Officials said the Emperor used English to welcome Biden. The Emperor reportedly hoped the president's visit will deepen the friendly relations between the two countries.

Biden met the Emperor in 2013, when he was the Vice President and the Emperor was crown prince.

The two also discussed the coronavirus pandemic. Biden stressed the need for countries to cooperate in addressing this international problem.

The Emperor was quoted as telling the president that humankind needs to work together to overcome the pandemic because infectious diseases will break out again and again.

May 23 (ANNnewsCH) - 天皇陛下がアメリカのバイデン大統領と皇居で面会されました。  23日午前10時すぎ、天皇陛下は皇居・御所に到着したバイデン大統領を出迎えられました。 ...continue reading

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