Temple coin thief caught red-handed

「なんしようとか」“さい銭泥棒”確保の瞬間 福岡

FUKUOKA, May 23 (NewsOnJapan) - A serial coin thief has been nabbed by police after 20 years of stealing from a temple's donation box in Fukuoka.

Footage from a security camera shows a man wearing a mask lurking in front of the temple at 1:50 am on the 21st of May before turning off a light and using a flashlight to peer into the donation box to find the location of the money. While the man is inserting what appears to be a stick into the box, three police officers surrounded and arrest the 61-year-old unemployed man for attempted theft.

May 23 (ANNnewsCH) - 21日の深夜に撮影された、福岡県鞍手町にある寺の防犯カメラの映像です。 福岡・鞍手町にあるお寺に現れたのは、さい銭泥棒。  ...continue reading

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