Town recovers most of 46.3 million yen mistakenly sent to resident

4299万円を法的に確保 誤給付事件で山口県阿武町

Japan Today -- May 24
A western Japanese town that mistakenly sent 46.3 million yen in COVID-19 relief money to a resident has legally recovered about 43 million yen, or about 90 percent of it, the mayor said Tuesday.

The 24-year-old resident, Sho Taguchi, has been arrested for alleged computer fraud after failing to return the money to the town of Abu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, telling his lawyer he had used it all on online casinos overseas.

Of the total amount the town has recovered so far, over 35 million yen was returned by a domestic payment processing agent, according to a source familiar with the case.

Taguchi had wired about 35.92 million yen to the company, or most of the roughly 42.92 million yen he had wired to three payment processing firms, his lawyer said.

The municipal government had erroneously sent the funds to his bank account on April 8, on top of the 100,000 yen it had distributed to each of the 463 low-income households in the town in COVID relief money. ...continue reading

May 24 (Kyodo) - 山口県阿武町が誤って振り込んだ給付金4630万円の一部を使用したとして、電子計算機使用詐欺容疑で同町福田下、無職田口翔(たぐち・しょう)容疑者(24)が逮捕された事件を巡り、花田憲彦(はなだ・のりひこ)町長が24日、町内で記者会見し、約4299万円を法的に確保したと明らかにした。

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