Foreign workers learn the fast food ropes

モスバーガー「特定技能」ベトナム国籍16人を採用 研修公開

TOKYO, May 24 (NewsOnJapan) - Mos Burger has hired 16 Vietnamese nationals who have acquired residence status through "specific skills" for foreign workers and made their training public.

Mos Food Service, the parent company of Mos Burger, teaches Japanese and customer service in collaboration with junior colleges in Vietnam, and supports the acquisition of "specific skills". Initially, the first-year students hired this time were scheduled to be accepted in 2020, but their arrival in Japan was delayed due to immigration restrictions associated with Covid 19. People who have acquired specific skills have a five-year period of stay in the food service industry, but Mos Food Service will continue to support foreign workers in the food service industry beyond the end date.

May 24 (ANNnewsCH) - モスバーガーを展開するモスフードサービスは外国人労働者の在留資格「特定技能」を取得したベトナム国籍の16人を採用し、研修を公開しました。 ...continue reading

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