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Japan launches trial to reopen for foreign tourists

外国人観光客入国再開へ 観光庁が実証ツアーを開始

NHK -- May 25
Japan has launched a trial to allow a limited number of foreign tourists into the country.

The government is considering accepting foreign tourists in stages from June or later, as the coronavirus infection situation is improving.

On Tuesday, the first group of participants arrived at Narita Airport.

The seven employees from US travel agencies are scheduled to tour eastern and northeastern Japan for about a week, together with Japanese tour guides.

A woman who runs a travel agency in Hawaii said she is checking anti-infection measures in Japan. She said she hopes to bring customers next time.

Through the trial, Japanese officials hope to find effective ways to get tourists to follow Japan's basic anti-infection measures, such as checking temperatures, washing hands and wearing masks.

Tourism minister Saito Tetsuo said the start of the test would be a turning point for the country's tourist industry.

A total of about 50 people from the United States, Australia, Thailand and Singapore will take part in the trial tours this month to visit tourist spots in 12 prefectures. The participants are required to have received their third vaccine shots.

The tourism test will help Japanese officials decide when the country can start fully accepting foreign tourists again.

外国人観光客の入国再開に向け、観光庁が行う少人数の実証ツアーが始まりました。  実証ツアーはアメリカやオーストラリアなど4カ国からの参加者が12の県を訪問します。 - ANNnewsCH

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