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Test tours underway in Japan

海外観光客受け入れ 来月10日再開 “爆買い”期待

NHK -- May 27
Small groups of foreigners have been arriving in Japan to take part in government-sponsored guided tours, as the country prepares to welcome tourists next month.

A participant from a travel agency in Australia said, "we really hope that the Japanese people are excited about having tourism back in the country again."

Japan's Tourism Agency says information gathered from the test groups will help the government finalize COVID-19 guidelines for hotels and other tourism-related businesses.

Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio announced on Thursday that his country will begin welcoming foreign tourists starting June 10.

People from nearly 100 countries and territories including the US and China, will be able to travel through packaged tours, as long as they are escorted by a guide.

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary says they are being cautious. Matsuno Hirokazu told reporters on Friday that the government will make an appropriate decision for the management of the total number of those entering Japan, taking into account the quarantine system and prevention measures. He added the government will also consider the COVID-19 infection situation at home and abroad, as well as border control measures in major countries.

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