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Kingdom of Raw Tuna: Japanese Fishing Village Nachikatsuura

Japan by Food -- May 30
Shizuka wraps up her trip in Wakayama by sampling one of the prefecture's most well-known foods- freshly caught tuna! The town of Nachikatsuura in Wakayama prefecture is famous for its active fishing industry, bring in tons of fresh tuna every day.

Shizuka ventures to find the tastiest tuna in town, and tries a variety of dishes featuring this versatile fish.

Along the way, Shizuka visits the beautiful Nachi Falls, the largest tallest waterfall in Japan with an uninterrupted drop of 133 meters. She also gets a chance to see an expert at work, slicing up a massive, freshly caught tuna. Fresh sashimi, fried, or served on a pizza- this fish never fails to please!

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