Indefinite employment top priority for graduates in Japan: Research -- May 31
More than two-thirds of graduates in Japan stay in their first job for more than three years, according to research by the Japanese Trade Union Confederation.

The survey ran from late February through early March 2022, and garnered responses from over 1,000 university graduates who were in their second to fifth year after beginning full-time employment.

While just about 30% quit their organisation in the first three years, more than two thirds (66.8%) of respondents (including those currently on childcare or other leave) were still working at the first company they joined, revealed the research.

As per findings, the most important factor for more than a third of graduates (33.9%) in choosing a certain employer over another was indefinite employment (a regular position).

Of those who quit sooner than three years, 7.7% left within the first six months, 6.2% after six months to one year. 10.4% after one to two years, and 5.2% after two to three years. ...continue reading

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