Scandal-hit Nihon Univ. to appoint author Hayashi as chairwoman


Kyodo -- Jun 03
Tokyo's Nihon University plans to appoint award-winning author Mariko Hayashi to head its board in an effort to revamp its leadership after a series of scandals involving a former board chairman, sources close to the matter said Thursday.

If approval is granted at a board meeting Friday, Hayashi, 68, a graduate of the school who is scheduled to take up the post July 1, would be the first female chair of the board at the university, one of Japan's largest.

Hayashi, a popular author, won Japan's prestigious Naoki Prize for fiction in 1986, and in 2018 was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon given by the government to individuals who have made significant contributions in the academic and artistic fields. She is currently head of the Japan Writers' Association. ...continue reading

Jun 03 () - 日本大は3日、理事会を開き、次期理事長に日大出身の作家林真理子さん(68)を選出すると決めた。7月1日付で就任する。人気女性作家の起用を新体制の目玉とすることで、田中英寿前理事長(75)の脱税事件など一連の不祥事で傷ついたイメージの回復を狙う。

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