Hailstones hurt dozens of students in Gunma Prefecture


NHK -- Jun 03
Education officials in Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo, say dozens of junior high school students suffered minor injuries when they were hit by hailstones as they were making their way home on Thursday.

The 87 junior high school students who were hurt, 6 of who were treated at hospital for bruising, were caught in a hailstorm on their way home after taking part in after-school activities.

The municipal board of education in Fujioka City on Friday issued an instruction to the 16 public schools under its jurisdiction to pay closer attention to thunder and other weather phenomena. School authorities were told to try to ensure that children can take cover indoors or get home early if inclement weather is on the way. ...continue reading

Jun 03 (ANNnewsCH) - 関東では3日昼すぎから局地的に激しい雷雨となっています。川崎では30分に34ミリの激しい雨を観測しました。2日に続き、ひょうが確認された場所もあります。  ...continue reading

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