KAKEGURUI TWIN | Official Trailer


Netflix Anime -- Jun 05
The anime “KAKEGURUI TWIN” is a spin-off series focusing on the protagonist Mary Saotome, and is based on the popular manga serialized in Gangan Joker, which also runs the main story.

Set one year before the arrival of Yumeko Jabami at Hyakkao Private Academy, a normal, everyday girl named Mary Saotome transfers to the school. But how does this regular schoolgirl transform into a compulsive gambler?

Jun 05 (Netflix Japan) - アニメ『賭ケグルイ双』は、本編と同じく「ガンガンJOKER」にて連載中の早乙女芽亜里を主人公とするスピンオフ。  ...continue reading

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