AstraZeneca files for approval for COVID-19 drug in Japan


Japan Times -- Jun 09
A Japanese unit of British drugmaker AstraZeneca said Thursday that it has applied for approval from the health ministry to manufacture and sell its COVID-19 prevention and treatment drug in Japan.

AstraZeneca K.K., the Osaka-based unit, is seeking fast-track approval for the AZD7442 drug, known abroad as Evusheld.

The drug is expected to be administered to people who cannot receive existing COVID-19 vaccines due preexisting conditions, among other factors.

Jun 09 ( 日テレNEWS) - イギリスの製薬大手・アストラゼネカは、新型コロナウイルスの発症を長期間、抑える効果のある治療薬について厚生労働省に承認申請しました。  ...continue reading

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