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Is Japan a Good Destination Right Now?

newsonjapan.com -- Jun 13
We all know that 2020 changed things with regard to international travel and for a good chunk of time; international holidays and travel plans were put on hold as the world dealt with the pandemic.

For many countries, things have opened up again and those that want to have started to resume holiday and travel plans although some countries have reduced restrictions slower than others. From early June Japan has opened up travel to a number of people including those who wish to visit residents of Japan, business travellers and those who have booked package holidays. However, as a country that has had strict rules with regard to welcoming international travellers, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on news specific to your country and what requirements are needed in order for you to be allowed in to Japan.

Is Japan a Good Destination Right Now?

When it comes to making holiday and travel plans people have different ideas on what they’d like to see & experience on their travels. For many, visiting somewhere such as Japan is a way to take in a different culture and way of life, which is something well worth experiencing. One of the great things about this part of the world is that it offers up plenty to see and do for those that wish to visit, with different times of the year offering different traditions. For example, if you’re in Japan over Christmas you might be surprised to see queues of people at KFC – as that is what a majority of people in Japan enjoy for their Christmas dinner!

For those looking to see natural scenery a visit to Mount Fuji is a must – and of course, being away from a busy city means that you’ll get to avoid any Coronavirus restrictions that might remain. The mountain itself stands at 3,776 metres tall – no wonder it can be seen from Tokyo despite the city being more than 100KM away!

If you prefer more of a party experience then a visit to Shibuya is a must. The city offers a range of bars and clubs and popular Izakaya bars which are often full of friendly locals seeking a drink and a relax after a busy day at work.

The capital city Tokyo offers up the perfect way to experience Japanese culture – from street vending machines stocked with a range of items to cafes where you can be served by robots, it’s a city unlike any other. There are plenty of things to see as you explore the area including the Hachiko Statue, some shopping at the Akihabara Electric Town and you could even check out the museums of the area. Dining out is a real experience in this part of the world with the opportunity to try different foods and different experiences, such as eating with Ninjas, which sounds equally fun and dangerous.

What Do You Need To Visit Japan?

Even before the pandemic, it was important to take international travel seriously and ensure that you prepare for all eventualities. Although international travel is opening up, it can still be changeable so ensuring you know what the latest rules are and that you have done everything you need to comply with them is a must. This includes looking at airport travel if there are likely to be delays and what arrangements you need to make in order to get there on time.

It stands to reason that if you are travelling to Japan, you are going to want to spend money while you are there. This is most definitely something that you need to get organised in advance and make sure you have everything you need to access money in the future. Speak to your bank in advance so that they know of your travel plans and can help advise you on anything financial you need to do before you travel. It is also worth looking at how to send money to Japan, that way should a friend or family member need to send you money while you are travelling you already know how this works and what you need to do. Getting this set up and organised in advance means that should something happen where you need access to more money, you know that the process of getting the funds to you is going to be as smooth and efficient as possible.

It is a good idea to research the things you want to do in Japan before you travel, even if you don’t want to set a strict itinerary. That way you can tick these off as you go and make sure that you get to experience as much of Japan as you want. It also gives you an opportunity to look at entrance costs, how you can save money and if there are any requirements for visiting certain destinations. Most of us are well versed in things like lateral flow tests and presenting the right paperwork, but being organised in advance and making sure you know what the current permission status’ are is a must.

Overall, a visit to Japan is most certainly something that can be added back on to your list of travel plans. As time progresses things can only get better in terms of what is open and what you can do while you are there, which can only be a good thing! Whether Japan is a good destination to visit really depends on your likes and what you want to do while on holiday. However, that said Japan is a beautiful country full of cities that have really embraced technology, so you can see how life might be in the future – if the rest of the world follows suit. The truth is that Japan has something for everyone, so if you do decide that this is the part of the world you want to see the chances are you won’t be disappointed d- just research everything in advance to ensure you get the most out of your travels.

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