Amazon Japan delivery drivers form union, claiming overwork

仕事増えても報酬変わらず・・・アマゾン配達員ら労組結成 労働環境の改善訴え

Japan Today -- Jun 14
A group of 10 people working as freelance delivery drivers for Inc's Japan unit have unionized and handed over a letter to the online shopping giant's Tokyo headquarters demanding that their poor working conditions be corrected, union members said Monday.

The union claimed that, despite working as freelance drivers, Amazon Japan G.K. effectively controls their work hours by sending delivery instructions via smartphones and that outsourcing of delivery operations is a way to avoid signing labor contracts.

Lawyers and supporters of the group said this is the first time Amazon delivery drivers have unionized in Japan.

The members, who make deliveries in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, said in a press conference in Tokyo they have been made to work excessively long hours, especially after the company last year switched to artificial intelligence to decide the number of packages to deliver and each driver's area of coverage.

An Amazon official said the company has "received the letter and is scrutinizing the content of their requests." ...continue reading

Jun 14 (ANNnewsCH) - アマゾンの配達員らが労働組合を結成し、「時間内に配りきれない荷物が割り当てられ、長時間労働を強いられている」などとして働く環境の改善を訴えました。  ...continue reading

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