Smart robot helps with congestion at Narita Airport

NHK -- Jun 14
A robot equipped with artificial intelligence has been put to work to help sort out congestion problems at Narita International Airport near Tokyo.

The robot is shaped like a small vehicle and stands about 1.2 meters high. The AI instantly analyzes images taken by its cameras.

The robot can quickly grasp how and where congestion occurs. It gives instructions to keep order when it detects long queues blocking the way.

The robot also keeps an eye out for suspicious items.

It informs the command center when baggage is left unattended for too long.

Yaegashi Akira of Narita International Airport says, "We are trying to provide the world's best security and a safe, stable environment."

Before last year's Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, the airport deployed five robots equipped with cameras to improve security. This is the first time for it to introduce a robot with AI that helps deal with congestion.

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