Man charged with slandering family of car accident victims

SNS上の誹謗中傷に厳しい姿勢 池袋事故の遺族を侮辱…22歳男性を“異例の”在宅起訴 東京地検

NHK -- Jun 16
Tokyo prosecutors have indicted a 22-year-old man without arrest for posting slanderous comments about the family of the victims of a car accident.

Prosecutors say the defendant in Aichi Prefecture, central Japan, posted the comments on social media about Matsunaga Takuya, whose wife and daughter were hit and killed by an elderly driver in Tokyo's Ikebukuro area in 2019.

One of the defendant's posts said Matsunaga appears to have fought in court only for money and attention. Matsunaga sought help from the police. They sent papers on him to prosecutors in April this year.

People who post insults online in Japan now face up to one year in prison, with or without compulsory labor, and a fine of up to 300,000 yen, or about 2,200 dollars.

Jun 16 (TBS NEWS) - 池袋母子死亡事故の遺族松永拓也さんをSNSで中傷したとして、愛知県の22歳の男性が在宅起訴されました。侮辱罪の公判請求は異例のことです。  ...continue reading

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