NTT pulls plug on office life

NTTが約3万人を原則自宅勤務に 出社は“出張扱い”

NHK -- Jun 19
Japan's telecom giant NTT is preparing to introduce a dramatic change in its office culture. From July, employees will be allowed to work from home anywhere in Japan, and any visits the office will be deemed business trips.

NTT says they are abolishing compulsory transfers and will set no limits on travel expenses. Employees will be allowed to fly to the office if need be.

The company says the idea is to increase job satisfaction and to help attract and retain talented people.

NTT and its group companies employ 180,000 people nationwide. About 30,000 of them will be eligible at first, but the firm plans to expand the scheme later.

Jun 19 (ANNnewsCH) - NTTは約3万人の勤務場所を原則として自宅とし、出社は「出張」にする方針です。  ...continue reading

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