Former KAT-TUN member gets suspended sentence for stimulants possession

Japan Today -- Jun 20
A former member of KAT-TUN, an all-male idol group, arrested on Feb 24 on suspicion of violating the Stimulants Control Law, has been sentenced to 20 months in prison, suspended for three years.

The Nagoya District Court handed down its ruling on Monday against Koki Tanaka, 36, Kyodo News reported.

After Tanaka checked out of his hotel room in Nagoya on Jan 30, around 0.164 grams of methamphetamine were found by a cleaning worker. Following his arrest, Tanaka denied possessing any drugs, but he subsequently admitted to the charge and said the methamphetamine was his. At the time, he was in Nagoya for a live concert and was staying at the business hotel.

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