How To Buy Tether -- Jun 21

The crypto market is highly volatile, which opens both good prospects to make a profit and huge risks to bear losses when the market drops.

When the market shows a downward trend, experienced traders exchange their investments for stablecoins to hedge risks. And often, they use Tether crypto for it. Let’s find out what Tether is and why they buy it.

Tether (USDT) is the first stablecoin in the crypto market. The name means “connection” or “link” between digital assets and fiat currencies. In fact, Tether is a crypto asset backed by real money - reserved currencies with minimal volatility, and having a price equal to fiat currency. If you check out the USDT to USD rate, you will see, that it is always $1. 

So Tether is a digital asset that is not subject to the crypto market fluctuations. Traders who want to minimize risks buy tether online and hold their crypto savings in such a way.

You can buy USDT with any fiat currency, like dollar or euro, and then conduct transactions buying another crypto, exchanging, etc. Now let’s see how to buy Tether.

How To Buy USDT

On the WhiteBIT exchange, you will find over 400 trading pairs, including USD USDT. Using your bank card, you can buy any digital asset with fiat money. For it, you should:

  • register an account on the exchange

  • pass KYC (if necessary)

  • connect your bank card,

  • deposit funds to your account. 

  • Then, in the block “Trade”, you may place an order for buying USDT

  • Pay the exchange fee and receive your coins.

You don't have to create a wallet for buying Tether, the transaction will proceed, and the coins will be accrued right to your balance. 

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