Yakuza: 10 Best References To The Real World In The Series

Sometimes, Yakuza can feel too real. That's not a coincidence, with plenty of real-world references dotted about the series.

thegamer.com -- Jun 26
From its debut to Like A Dragon, the Yakuza series has melded influences and locations from the real world into the raucous, wild world of the games.

The series' developer, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio (RGG), takes the details of Yakuza very seriously, making the games prime real estate to spot fun Easter Eggs and nods to the outside world.

Despite their unusual lifestyles, series regulars Kiryu Kazama and Goro Majima live in a world that isn't as distant from real life as it may seem. These Yakuza legends eat, play, and live in a setting many Japanese locals would recognize as if it were just outside their doors. Playing through Yakuza is as unexpected as it is satisfying, as the series keeps players on the lookout for clever moments that blur fantasy and reality.

Paul Lim — A Living Darts Legend

As you may remember, Dartslive has a product partnership with Yakuza. Perhaps their biggest collaboration came with the inclusion of a substory where Kiryu challenges Paul Lim, a real darts champion. Paul Lim completed a nine-dart finish in the 1990 World Dart Championship, to achieve a perfect 501 score in the fewest possible attempts.

Paul Lim was brought in to voice himself for the Yakuza appearance, and is also the only character to speak English in the entire entry. During the substory Paul teaches Kiryu how to play, as one of the game's legends shares his knowledge with the legendary Dragon of Dojima. Once you have what it takes to succeed your master, you'll receive the best darts in the game as compensation — a fitting reward from one of darts' most famous players. ...continue reading

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