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Japan sees shortest rainy season this year

関東甲信で史上最も早い梅雨明け 九州南部、東海も過去2番目

indiablooms.com -- Jun 27
The rainy season has come to an abrupt end in parts of Japan, the Japan Meteorological Agency said Monday, with record high temperatures expected in the coming weeks.

The weather agency warned that "the rainy season ended earlier than usual this year" and that more heat strokes were feared in people who may not acclimatized quickly enough to the return of sweltering heat.

Japanese media said this year's rainy season was the shortest on record. It usually ends in mid- to late July. Public broadcaster NHK cited weather officials as saying that temperatures will rise to new highs in the next two weeks.

Temperatures soared to 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) in the past three days. Weather officials say that a short period of rains coupled with extreme heat threatens the nation's water supply.

Jun 27 (Kyodo) - 気象庁は27日、九州南部、東海、関東甲信で梅雨明けしたとみられると発表した。関東甲信は統計がある1951年以降、最も早く、6月の梅雨明けは2例目。東海と九州南部は過去2番目の早さとなる。

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