92-year-old man found dead at home in Sendai; son stabbed

92歳男性死亡 死因は首を絞められたことによる窒息死 息子関係か 宮城野区鶴ケ谷で殺人事件〈仙台市〉

Japan Today -- Jun 29
Police in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, said a 92-year-old man was found dead at his home and his son was lying nearby, bleeding from a knife wound.

According to police, a relative of Takashi Shoji found him collapsed inside his residence at around 10 a.m. on Tuesday and called 119, Kyodo News reported. Shoji was confirmed dead at the scene. An autopsy revealed that the cause of death was asphyxiation.

Furthermore, the relative found Shoji’s son, who is in his 50s, with a knife wound to his neck. He was rushed to hospital where doctors said his wound was not life-threatening.

Jun 29 (仙台放送ニュースチャンネル) - 6月28日午前、仙台市宮城野区の住宅で、この家に住む92歳の男性が死亡しているのが見つかりました。警察は殺人事件として、首にけがをした状態で家の中にいた50代の息子が男性が死亡したいきさつを知っているとみて調べを進めています。  ...continue reading

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