Japan warns on 'interests' after Russia gas project decree


The Sun daily -- Jul 01
Japan’s energy “interests must not be undermined”, Tokyo said Friday, after Moscow issued a decree transferring operations of a key oil and gas project to a new Russian company.

Japanese trading houses Mitsui and Mitsubishi Corp own 12.5 and 10 percent stakes respectively in the Sakhalin-2 project, but the future of their investments appears uncertain after the Russian move.

The decree calls for the establishment of a new Russian operator and requires existing foreign shareholders to apply for the right to participate in the new firm, with Moscow deciding on their inclusion.

Japanese government spokesman Seiji Kihara said Friday morning that Tokyo was “closely examining the impact on liquified natural gas (LNG) imports”.

“Speaking generally, we believe our resource interests must not be undermined,“ he added, declining to give further comment.

Later Friday, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said the government did not think the decree “will immediately stop LNG imports,“ on which Japan is heavily dependent.

“We think we need to carefully monitor how the decree will affect our contract,“ he told reporters.

Japan's economy minister meanwhile said Tokyo would look into alternative suppliers. ...continue reading

Jul 01 (ANNnewsCH) - 日本の企業も出資するロシア・極東の石油・天然ガス開発事業「サハリン2」についてプーチン大統領はすべての権利を新設するロシア企業に譲渡する大統領令に署名しました。  ...continue reading

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