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Wide areas of Japan on high alert as rainfall continues

台風4号は温帯低気圧に 東海では200ミリ超の雨予想も…

NHK -- Jul 05
Japanese officials are warning of heavy rainfall across much of the country.

The remnants of Tropical Storm Aere continue to churn eastward across the archipelago.

But the low pressure system is already triggering wet weather far to the north.

In parts of Hokkaido and Aomori Prefecture, about 100 millimeters of rain per hour was reported on Tuesday afternoon.

Experts say humid air flowing from the south and a high pressure system east of Japan have made for unstable atmospheric conditions over wide areas of the country.

Downpours are forecast for swaths of western and eastern Japan on Wednesday.

By Wednesday evening, up to 180 millimeters of rain is expected to fall in the Kanto-koshin region, while the Tokai region could hit 150 millimeters.

Weather officials are warning residents to be prepared for potential flooding in low-lying areas, as well as landslides, lightning strikes, and tornadoes.

Jul 05 (ANNnewsCH) - 西日本で猛烈な雨を観測した台風4号は、5日午前9時に九州で温帯低気圧に変わりました。引き続き、大雨の恐れがあります。  ...continue reading

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