Paintings found in Paris may be early works by Okamoto Taro

NHK -- Jul 05
NHK has learned that three abstract paintings have been found that are thought to be unknown early works of the late Japanese artist Okamoto Taro. He is known for numerous works, including the "Tower of the Sun" monument and the "Myth of Tomorrow" mural.

Okamoto moved to Paris in 1930 when he was 18. He lived there until the age of 29, when he returned to Japan to escape Nazi Germany's invasion. It was thought that all of his early works were destroyed when his home in Tokyo burned down while he was serving in the army in China.

But a Frenchman residing in Paris notified relevant parties about three abstract paintings featuring fluttering smoke-like illustrations. He said one of them carried the signature "Okamoto Taro" in kanji.

Officials who research and collect Okamoto's works acquired the paintings in February and conducted a detailed analysis.

Following a handwriting appraisal and paint analysis, five experts compared the paintings' techniques and similarities with works by Okamoto.

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