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Japan’s overnight ferry in Western and Japanese style room | 12 hour journey from Fukuoka to Osaka

This time, I tried the private S class room on the Meimon Taiyo ferry from Fukuoka to Osaka.

It takes about 12 hours. This cruise is highly recommended for those who want to travel with their cars or who like voyages. It is inexpensive, but luxurious and comfortable.

We can also enjoy buffet style dinner and breakfast on the ferry and beautiful views from the deck of the ferry. This time, however, I bought a special "ekiben" at Fukuoka Station and ate it on the ferry.

Ferry : Meimon Taiyo Ferry

URL : https://www.cityline.co.jp/english/

Route : From Fukuoka to Osaka

Room : First B Class Room (Japanese and Western room)

Fee : Y19,660 ($152)

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