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MLB Ohtani bats 1st in All-Star Game

NHK -- Jul 19
In Major League Baseball, Ohtani Shohei of the Los Angeles Angels will not be a two-way player in this year's All-Star Game as he will be the leadoff hitter for the American League.

The starting lineup for the All-Star Game was announced on Monday. Ohtani will be the designated hitter.

This is the second All-Star Game for Ohtani. Last year, he participated in the game as a starting pitcher and a leadoff hitter after competing in the Home Run Derby the previous day. But he will not be on the mound this year.

At a press conference on Monday, Ohtani said he will pitch the Angels' first game after the All-Star break and that he would only have two days in between if he pitched in the All-Star Game.

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