Japan COVID cases jump above 150,000 for first time

全国の感染者 最多の15万人超 最新の状況は?

NHK -- Jul 20
People in Japan are seeing coronavirus cases spike higher than ever before with no peak in sight.

Wednesday's tally topped 150,000. Thirty of Japan's 47 prefectures saw record-breaking counts. This seventh wave is growing fast.

Tokyo reported more than 20,000 new cases. It's not a record, but it is the highest tally since February.

More and more children are falling ill. Doctors say it's becoming hard to find them hospital beds.

The government's top coronavirus advisor warns that things will get worse, before they get better.

Government advisory panel chief Omi Shigeru said, "Unfortunately, there is no indication yet of when the current wave of infections might peak. It's possible that the number of infections might end up double that of the previous wave."

Officials are not looking to re-introduce COVID restrictions. Instead, they're pushing medical workers and people at risk of becoming seriously ill to get a fourth shot.

Jul 20 (ANNnewsCH) - 最新の感染状況を確認します。過去最多を更新したのは全国の30の地域です。なかでも大阪では、20日は2万1976人の感染が確認され、これまで全国で最多だった東京を上回りました  ...continue reading

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