5 Tips on How to Educate and Automate the Sales Department of a Co-Working Space

newsonjapan.com -- Jul 20
Managing a co-working space is a complex assignment and managers have their hands full, at all times.

From taking care of customers and providing them with the best experience, to managing teams and departments that make sure things run smoothly - it can be pretty tricky.

The sales department is one of the most important for your co-working space, so you need to help them perform better. Luckily, there's automation and management software you can use to improve their daily performance. But, how can you educate them to do so? What's the best way to automate their daily activities?

Below, we share 5 key tips on how to educate and automate the sales department of your co-working space.

1. Assess the Situation

Before you make any decision on what to improve in your sales department, you first need to conduct a detailed assessment. Simply put, you need to check how things are at the moment.

So, talk to the member of the sales team and spend some time figuring out the following:

  • what activities are taking up most of their time
  • are there repetitive activities that might be automated
  • what are the challenges they face
  • what problems or issues they’re experiencing also, make sure you analyze your biggest competitors. It’s predicted that by the end of 2024, there will be nearly 42,000 coworking spaces worldwide. That is a 47% increase from the 28,000 co-working spaces we have today. That means that the competition is only growing stronger, and there’s no room for hesitation.

Once you learn how things are, you’ll be able to start working on a solution.

2. Choose Your Coworking Management Software

The next thing you're going to do is find coworking space management software that will provide the tools and resources necessary for automating your sales department. You should choose software that provides a series of different solutions for your team.

Make sure that the software allows you to:

  • set up automatic payments for customers
  • create a one-click billing system
  • manage all bookings, payments, and customer information in one place
  • stop invoicing manually

You need software that allows automation of the activities your sales department struggles with.

3. Set up a Training

Next, you need to make sure everyone in the sales department knows how to use the new software. It's best that you set up training for them, and help them quickly adopt the new changes. You can hire a college essay writer who will come up with a training program and will create custom manuals for each training attendant.

The training is supposed to:

  • introduce them to all the features of the software
  • explain how it works
  • show them how to apply it to their daily activities
  • set up new rules for daily operations

Provide some extra time for practice and adapting to the change, before you completely shut down the old system. Once you see your sales department is ready, announce the complete switch from the old to the new software.

4. Provide Continuous Guidance and Mentorship

Even though your sales department adopted and understood the new system, it doesn't mean you can let them be on their own. It will take some time and getting used to, before the routine kicks in, and they start feeling completely comfortable.

So, you should always be available as a mentor and provide additional guidance if necessary. If you want to make it a bit more interesting, you can organize tests, mini-quizzes, and office competitions.

Also, provide regular feedback to teams on their performance and let them know how you feel about their improved work.


Finally, you need to make sure that the changes you made were a success and that there have been positive transformations to the overall state of the company. So, go back to your previous assessment and compare it to the situation as it is now. It would be best for you to have measurable KPIs so that the numbers and data help you re-assess objectively.

You should look into:

  • customer acquisition
  • customer retention
  • sales numbers
  • sales team and their productivity

Is the sales team working more efficiently? Is this influencing the customers and how they perceive you? Use a graduate essay writing service if you need help writing detailed research papers on the positive impact automation has had on your sales team. This is great in case your superiors are looking for evidence and objective feedback.

The Benefits of Automating the Sales Department

If you're still not sure whether automation is the right way to go, you should look into all the benefits that you're bound to experience, if you make this switch. Below, we've listed all the positive changes you can expect after introducing new software and sales management tools:

Here are the benefits for the sales team:

  • less repetitive, manual work
  • more time for dealing with customer needs and helping them
  • more efficiency
  • solving problems quickly
  • always being in control of the payments, billing, and the like

And, here are the benefits for the customers:

  • easy payments
  • no need to contact customer support
  • more convenient experience

Naturally, all of this leads to an increase in sales and helps you retain your customers for the long run.

Final Thoughts

As a co-working space, you need to fight for your piece of the market. To stand out from your competitors, you need to make sure your entire team is on the same page with you. And, with the sales team leading the way for customer acquisition and retention, make sure they've got the best tools available.

Hopefully, we've helped you realize how important automation is and how beneficial it would be to educate your sales department on how to apply it.

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