Man gets 20 years in prison for taking woman hostage at internet cafe

「悪質極まりない」さいたま地裁 大宮立てこもり男に懲役20年実刑判決

Japan Today -- Jul 21
The Saitama District Court has handed a 20-year prison sentence to an unemployed man who holed himself up in an internet cafe, taking a female employee hostage last June.

According to the court ruling on Wednesday, Kazutaka Hayashi, who was unemployed, lured the employee into a private room at the cafe in Omiya Ward at around 2:25 p.m. on June 17, 2021, Kyodo News reported. He claimed that the television in the room wasn’t working.

Hayashi took the woman hostage with a utility knife while another employee called police. Hayashi told the police through an intercom to stay away or he would kill the woman and then himself.

The standoff lasted for 32 hours until midnight on June 18. Police entered the room after Hayashi fell asleep.

Jul 21 (TBS NEWS) - 去年、さいたま市で32時間にわたりインターネットカフェに女性を人質に立てこもった男に懲役20年の判決が言い渡されました。  ...continue reading

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